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23 August 2015 Update
Players inactive for longer than 3 months will have their claims removed.
New players are allowed a 30 day claim hold before their claims are removed.*
*Players must make attempt to create and post within that time period.

Reply to this thread with your character's face claim!

Note: You MUST have a picture of the actor in your profile and/or avatar prior to making a face claim on this thread. Thanks!



[CODE][color=#6633ff]ACTOR NAME - CHARACTER NAME[/color]


[color=#ff3399]ACTOR NAME - CHARACTER NAME[/color]

Aaron Johnson - Loren Llandes
Aidan Turner- Rennor
Andy Whitfield - Darian Forest
Benjamin Eidem - Ansel Wholbach
Bradley James - Blake Alluria
Ciel Phantomhive-Smaug Crepsley  
Clint Eastwood (1964) - Alastair

Clive Standen - Edwin Tyneil
Danila Kovalev - Anshar Vryokalas
Daniel Gillies - Jonathan Delysta  

Duane Johnson -  Duzael
Ed Skine - Panth Ven'Teg
Gerard Butler - Armand Bajnok
Hugo Weaving - Kain Attaway
Ian Mckellen - Xavier
Iorveth - Elihal 
Iwan Rheon - Lysander Bronsonov
Jamie Dornan - Tavin Ald
Kit Harington - Andras Blacke
Lee Pace - Nuruil Briarwood

Michael Fassbender - Eli Warworth
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau - Kaen of the Rel'Nore
Peter Mooney - Leyanin
Richard Madden  - Kalleth Vaegar

Scott Glenn - Orin Mkail
Sebastian Roché
- Cato Lucanus

Adelaide Kane- Paige Ashby
Agyness Deyn- Merial
Amanda Seyfried- Dallana Mare

Ashley Madekwe - Viri
Bryce Dallas Howard - Nahilen Luthias
Chrishell Stubbs - Casca Cacao
Christina Hendricks - Aibell / Aeval 
Emilia Clarke - Kishar Vryokalas
Elle Fanning - Vallaria Airheart
Julie Kennedy - Necia 
Lucy Lawless - Farria
Maria Amanda - Arserys
Marita Tathariel - Liava Norndotter
Margot Robbie - Harleen Caligari

Myanna Buring - Naisena
Rhona Mitra - Ariana de' Voux [/code]
Varos Ten'gao - Jason Mamoa
Christina Hendricks - Aibell / Aeval

Aibell IS a twin, so it only makes sense to mark her sister as well =P
Changed Eli Warworth to Michael Fassbender, like his avatar says xD
Bryce Dallas Howard as Nahilen Luthias
Julie Kennedy - Necia
I might change this later Tongue But for now....
Ian Mckellen - Xavier
Orin Mkail - Scott Glenn
Sebastian Roché-Cato Lucanus
Katie McGrath- Aurora Elisenburg
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