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This is a world 20,000 years after The Cleansing. An event shrowded in such mystery that sages have devoted their entire lives to solve the enigma that is the Cleansing, only to come out of the labyrinth with more questions than answers in hand. What they do know is that the even changed the world many, many times over, and that it destroyed a great civilization. Some also speculate that the Race of the Time Before brought destruction upon themselves with magics so potent and obscure that the knowledge of them has been trampled by the ever-relentless march of time. Regardless, there is not one being alive on the planet, not even those seemingly immortal elves, who can testify to what happened so long ago.

There are three things which we do indeed know about the Cleansing. One is that the suffering caused by what can only be described as a global war brought the fabric of reality to bear their pain and suffering, thus changing it forever. Second, save for a few relics scattered to the corners of the world, and crumbling monuments of things which we can never understand serve as a stoic reminder that at one time a great civilization covered the entire face of the planet. And finally, it was through this cataclysm of terrible destruction, disease and death that all the emotional energy as many of the creatures of this planet cried out in terror and agony birthed much of what we know in the world today. We owe our existences to the very destruction of the old to make way for the new: us.

Epoch is the largest of three continents in this world. There had been four more prior to the cleansing, so say some sages, but all evidence of them has since vanished along with the Old Race. To the West is Ramut and to the South is Amrika. There is very little contact with the people of Ramut, however much trade exists between the people of Amrika and Epoch, and the cultures are quite compatible.