Full Version: Get started!
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Ho there, newcomer!

We're glad you're considering joining our little corner of the internet. Here's a few things you'll need to know before you get started.

Epoch is a community which is open to writers of all skill levels. We know that even the most experienced role player/writer has his start somewhere, and not everyone wants to write 30+ paragraphs of fluff in every single post! Sometimes a reply can be short, and sometimes it's very long! There's no rules here!

All you need to do to start writing (after you've verified you're a real person by replying to the email this site sends you) is post your Character Record in the proper place. You can write as much or as little in the record, and it will always be open for you to edit as you develop your character.

We welcome powerful characters! Just no gods or god-like omnipotent kinds of beings which can take no damage or never die. Everything dies, and everything has a weakness here in Epoch. Please write your character accordingly. We also do not accept characters that are rulers or kings of established nations.

Speaking of canon, we are open to anyone contributing nearly anything to our site lore. If you have a god/goddess you'd like to add to Epoch's lexicon, do so in the Evolving Lore section of the site. The only exception to this rule will be in the case of nations, which will need to be approved by our staff.

So how does this stuff work?


Your avatar picture should be 180 wide by 240 px tall.

Make sure you read our rules. Then, create a character by filling out the fields in the "Additional Information" section of your profile. You don't need to fill out this profile completely to get started writing as you can develop your character as you write! If you leave a section blank a suggestion is to put "TBD" or "N/A" in that field. You may also use bbcode in profile fields. A list of them is here. If you're using a famous face, post your claim here.  Finally, introduce yourself or say hi in our cbox (click the sword at bottom of page)! Make sure you register your name in cbox by clicking profile in there. That's it. You're ready to start posting!

Happy writing!