Full Version: Sacred and Important Locations [Lazaren]
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Disclaimer! These locations are here only for the sake of providing background information for character creation. These locations are by no means places you can physically visit in character. Maybe only as a flashback, but nothing else.

Sacred and Important Locations of the Lazaren

The Last Rest

When one takes the Oath of Akra, the high priest will give the oathtaker a compass which will point them to a magically protected place known as The Last Rest. A Place where Lazaren Adventurers are buried, and memorized for all eternity amongst the stars. Reaching The Last Rest signifies the end of one's life journey across the land, and is one of, if not the most, sacred locations of the Lazaren. The only way to find this burial site is to have the compass guide you there, as any other attempts of finding it will result in failure. The area is coated in a thick, magical fog which beguiles anyone and anything going inside it without the compass showing them the way to the Last Rest. Not just Lazaren are buried here though, as anyone who chooses to follow Akra, and gets their hands on this compass, can be buried there as well. Should the follower die before they ever reach Last Rest, Akra herself will make herself known to the friends and family of the deceased, asking them to pick up the compass and bring the follower to their rightful burial site. In exchange, they will recieve the protection and blessings of Akra during the journey there.

The High East Union

The High East Union is a large empire comprised of three Lazaren Kingdoms. Their land lies even further east than the WaesterOak Conglomerate boundaries. Unlike most unions or empires, the High East Union has three capital cities, 1 for each of the old kingdoms that unified in the past. Khanuru, being the largest of the three capitals, is the home of the Union's leader, while the other two capitals, Ashtelzum and Hebsothis house other important pieces of Lazaren society (The former being where the Council is located, while the latter is where the leader of the Priesthood resides).

Monument Peak

At the very heart of the High East Union lies a massive mountain called Monument Peak. This is yet another sacred site of the Lazaren. It's supposedly where the four gods made their first contact with the Lazaren. In memory of this event, monuments of Akra, Lahn-Set, Rechef and Ta-Uru have been carved into the very mountain itself, each of them pointing in a cardinal direction. Akra facing West, where the sun sets, showing her curious nature towards exploring the unknown. Lahn-Set faces north, towards Khanuru as a symbol of compassion that it's ruler must exhibit upon it's people. Rechef is facing east, towards the rising sun, showing the benefits of looking back and learning from the past, while enjoying a rather peaceful life at home. And finally, Ta-Uru's monument is facing south, towards the great mountains that mark the borders of the kingdom, reminding his followers of what they should strive to be; Sturdy as a mountain to protect the kingdom from any threat.

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