Full Version: Gargoyle [Race]
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Winter, year 90
Gargoyles are creatures created by a human mage, desperate for protection from Trolls and other night-hunting monsters. They are stone by day, and sentient creatures at night, instilled with strong protective instincts towards the creatures that inhabit their environments.

Created from the flesh of a troll and the ash of a slain vampire, Gargoyle were created to counter the evils that prowled the night. It took great magic to create a Gargoyle, and once created, they had to be renewed with ritual and spells from mages once every other century.

In the making of a Gargoyle, beyond the flesh and ash of their foes, Stone, metal and three gems are needed to bring life to the creation. Depending on the specific gems used and their placement in the Gargoyle’s creation has an effect on the traits and personality of the gargoyle.

The three placements for a gargoyle’s gems are such


Like a literal third eye,all that will be seen is the very edge of a prism of gem. The rod actuality goes deep into the ‘skull’ but only the very edge is revealed beyond the stone skin to be the third eye, to sense and scan for more inherent and magical identifiers. This allows a gargoyle to identify the race of an individual, if they have the information already described or ‘programmed’ into them in their creation. All gargoyles will have the ability to sense the differences between the races. More, or secondary, abilities are dependant on the gem itself.

Whatever gem is placed here will have an effect on the Gargoyle’s sensory information.


Buried in the torso, the core gem is the main storage of information. It is also their connection to the energies of the universe, their soul and personality. As well, the gem gives the gargoyle’s a unique secondary ability, much like the mind-gem does. This determines what magics they might have talent for, or pieces of their personality.

The purity of the core gem can also affect the appearance of the gargoyle. The purer the gem, the more humanoid they will appear and have more capacity for complex emotions and interactions. Impure gems will have more animalistic appearances and be simpler ‘minds’ than otherwise.


The ‘body’ gem is responsible for the secondary physical attributes of the gargoyle. It's size and purity affect the size and structure of the gargoyle.

The body gem can technically be placed anywhere on the torso. To be fully utilized, it is recommended to be on the surface of the skin. They have the regenerative abilities of trolls, when damaged, any exposed flesh instantly becomes stone like their skin, to reform the lost chunk or limb from within.

Additional attributes, like especially sharp claws or acid abilities are determined by this stone.

Like the trolls, whose flesh they come from, Gargoyles turn to stone in daylight, returning to sentience once the shadow of evening falls. They do not require sustenance, but they can enjoy the acts of eating and drinking in an attempt to bond with their companions.

In form and function, their skin is mineral, but flexible like flesh. This gives it the stone’s natural endurance and resistance to slashing weapons, and the mobility of normal creatures.

A gargoyle themselves knows almost nothing about the gems and their relation to their abilities. The mind gem is easily visible and so makes speculation simpler. However the main sway to their abilities comes from the core gem, which is never visible unless the gargoyle is destroyed.
The body gem is also visible, though the location may vary. One can draw conclusions to the size of the body gem and the size of the gargoyle, but that is usually as far as that relation is able to be determined. The only other relations easily determined is that the skin and appearance of the gargoyle is definitively influenced by the body gem.