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Gods and Religions - Edwin - 03-17-2015


Thiolth are the manipulators of magic in the world. These omnipotent beings are responsible for maintaing order and balance in the universe. Without the strength and willpower of these other-worldly caretakers, magic would dissipate into nonsense and the universe would cease to exist. Under the Thiolth's vigilant watch, magic flows through the world like a great river, forever meandering and shifting, yet always under control. It is said that each world in the universe is governed by its own Thiolth, who create, destroy, and maintain their worlds and everything that inhabits it.

There are two major classifications of Thiolth:

Ancient Thiolth

The Ancient Thiolth were the original embodiments of magic. These Thiolth were genderless beings with incalculable power. The ancient Thiolth were responsible for creating the world as we know it. These powerful beings constructed the continents, filled the seas and the skies, and set in motion the circle of life.

 There are cultist religions still dedicated to these ancient thiolth even today. While there is no documentation to describe what any of these Thiolth may have looked like, there is numerous artwork from ancient times of artist interpretations for how these Thiolth might have appeared to living mortals. These Thiolth remained in power and omnipotent control until the time of the great cleansing, when they were destroyed with the Sundering and the world would enter what is known as the time of mourning.

Modern Thiolth

Were once living beings like us. They lived out their lives like all of us. These certain individuals, however, were notably exceptional in living their lives; so much so that they ascended after death to harness their signature magic and take their place maintaining balance in the universe. These Thiolth are believed not to be as powerful as the great Ancient Thiolth, and have been known to demonstrate themselves to be less wise, overstepping their place in balancing world, resulting in the natural disorder in the world, such as great floods or powerful storms. 
Unlike their predecessors, Modern thiolth are not omnipotent. Thus, they are able to transcend between the other-world and our world, and there have been witness accounts of thiolth appearing in person. These witness reports are often following a great event or catastrophe. Though very powerful in their own right, modern Thiolth endanger themselves when they come to this world. Though not susceptible to physical damage, modern Thiolth can be destroyed through magic wielded by the most powerful of wizards, thisith, and other thiolth.
 Once a thiolth is killed, a thisith of that thiolth will, upon death, ascend to take their place. If there is no Thisith chosen, that signature of magic dissipates and becomes useless, a ravaging whirlpool in the river of magic. Some of the greatest tragedies and conflicts in recorded history are attributed to the absence of a thiolth.

The following are sub-classifications of Modern Thiolth

Grand Thiolth

These Thiolth are the creators of all. These are technically Ancient Thiolth, since these two beings, or concepts rather, have been around since the world was conceived. However, they are also considered Modern Thiolth since they are thought to still exist along with the Thiolth of modern times. These beings are unimaginable in their power and are beyond the concept of life and death. These beings have no form, and it is debated whether these Thiolth truly exist.

Thiolth of Worlds:
 Before the beginning, before the concept of life came into existence, there was nothing. No sound. No light. The events that set everything into motion are constantly under debate amongst scholars and still remains a mystery today. One of the most common speculations is that the first Thiolth, the Thiolth of worlds, was responsible for creating the seeds of worlds. For each of these seeds, The Thiolth of Worlds created the thiolth who would work to create and maintain the world in service of their father. He is the only Thiolth that remains from the days of pre-cleansing, though even modern Thiolth have never gained an audience with him.

Thiolth of Time: 
Despite the constant conflict, raging disasters, and the ever unwavering disorder in the world, the world keeps turning(supposedly...), the stars show up every night, and time continues tick by. It is theorized, but not proven, that there is a Thiolth, taken to be called Father time, that oversees the flow of time. It is stated by scholars of the subject that Father Time sees past, present, and future, and it is Father Time that will slam the gavel at the end of time and bring an end to us all.

Great Thiolth

These Thiolth fall far in terms of power compared to the Grand Thiolth. However, they are still more powerful than all other beings in the world, and are the governing forces behind all other forms of magic. These Thiolth, and all lesser Thiolth to follow, are susceptible to death. However, due to their roles in the world and their place in the hierarchy, these Great Thiolth have never been seen and solely inhabit the other-world, or Plane of Thiolth. Since they already have the Major Thiolth serving them, these Thiolth very rarely create thisith, and such an event has never been confirmed or denied.

Thiolth of Wisdom - Rame

Thiolth of Nature - Nera

Thiolth of Life - Miri

Thiolth of Death - Qemses

Major Thiolth

The sons and daughters of the Greater Thiolth, these major thiolth are strong enough to create rivers and floods, bulldoze mountains, and exterminate entire races, though they are not as powerful as Greater Thiolth. These are the harbingers and enforcers of the Greater Thiolth, and are the Thiolth most often worshiped in temples, for it is these beings that are often witnessed in times of great destruction or great salvation. Like the Greater Thiolth, the major Thiolth rarely take on Thisith, though there have been accounts of these thisith, particularly those from the Thiolth of Chaos,

Thiolth of Plague - Halwn

Thiolth of Fire - Esh-Baal

Thiolth of Water - Llŷr

Thiolth of Earth - Enki

Thiolth of Air - Ortzi

Thiolth of Strife - Soth

Thiolth of Fear - Vasthys

Thiolth of Love - Liotl

Thiolth of Order - Absalom

Thiolth of Plants - Rotem

Tholth of Animals - Enkidu

Thiolth of Lust - Amul

Thiolith of Chaos - Riyit

Minor Thiolth

These thiolth are created by the major thiolth and often dwell as long-living creatures within our world. They serve their creator Thiolth (or creators, as Thiolth have often been known to blend their magic) and wholly inhabitant the plane of the living. These Thiolth are not powerful enough to create Thiolth; thus these Thiolth are responsible for most of the Thisith in the world.

Tree of Isyn (Mother-protector-guide of the Knights of Isen)

Thiolth of Ice and Snow- Adelphi

[Note: Submissions to follow for all these!]


The thisith, in general,  are inheritors of the thiolth's ability to manipulate their signature magic. On average, they are less powerful than minor thiolth, on par with the greater of wizards, though their powers vary greatly depending on the Thiolth who created them. There is no typical physical form for Thisith, and any race can be chosen as one. A thisith is a Thisith at birth; however, their powers do not awaken right away. A thisith's power is typically awakened at a point of intense concentration or overwhelming pain. Once awakened, Thisith can manipulate their Thiolth's magic with instinctual ease, however they are limited to the reservoir given to them by their parent thiolth(s), which their creators calculate with thoughtful precision.

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